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Keith & Associates Legal will take care of your most intimate and sacred legal matters.  Regarding wills, trusts, or estate law, not only do we fully understand the state and federal legalities you may encounter, we are compassionate and strong for you and your loved ones during difficult times.

It is important that you understand that should something happen to you, with no legal documents filed, all your property (yes, even family heirlooms) will go into probate, then will be taxed accordingly.  Next, the state will determine how and if to distribute your property including bank accounts and cars.  This can be devastating for your family at a time when they are already grieving.

Keith & Associates is here to make sure you pass on your possessions and legacy  to those you want to have them, incur a timely distribution according to your wishes, and are not taken advantage of by any person or entity.  We also want to ensure you are not put into a nursing home against your will, and that your guardian has your best interests at heart.

We can take care of everything to do with your estate including wills, trusts, power of attorney, guardianships, and more.

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Has someone close to you passed away or is in danger of doing so — and you need help? Whether their property is in probate, they need a living will quickly, or you need to understand any part of the process, Keith & Associates Legal is here to help. Please call us right now and we will explain everything you need to do.

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